Confirmed for the year 2013. A re-release has also been planned for later in the year. With a re-release planned also.


Standard edition tracks
No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. "Classic" (featuring Lady GaGa, Eminem, & Lil Wayne)Nicki Minaj, lady Gaga, Eminem & Lil wayneLil Wayne TBA
2. "Champion" (featuring Nas, Drake, & Young Jeezy)Onika MarajTBA 4:56
3. "ROMAN!!!"  Onika MarajOnika Maraj TBA
4. "Roman In Moscow"  Onika MarajStreetRunner 2:38
5. "Check it Out (ft."  Onika MarajTBA TBA
6. "Freedom"  Onika MarajMatthew Burnett 4:47
7. "Massive Attack" (featuring Sean Garrett)Onika Maraj, Sean Garrett, ATRLsterSean Garrett 3:16
9. "Roman's Revenge" (featuring Lil Wayne)Onike MarajSwizz Beatz 3:49
10. "Mercy" (featuring 2 Chainz & Rick Ross)2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Onika MarajCam'Ron TBA
11. "HitList"  Onika MarajKanye West 4:23
12. "The Pinkprint"  Onika MarajTBA TBA
13. "Masquerade"  Onika MarajDr. Luke 3:48
14. "Kill The Bitch"  Onika MarajOnika Maraj TBA
Total length:

More Tracks To Be Released along with producers, writers, and times.

Single Plans

The official "lead" single from "Pink Friday: The Pinkprint" is rumoured to be based around one of Nicki's alter-egos Martha Zolanski. Martha's favorite colour is pink and her appearance on the album fits in with the title. Someone who auditioned for American Idol when Nicki was one of the judges states that she sang him a snippet of her new song which she was calling "The Pinkprint".

The second new single will be released in 2013. It is rumored to be the song "Kill The Bitch".


The song "Classic" is confirmed for "The Pinkprint" and Lady GaGa's 2013 album ARTPOP. GaGa loves the song and the work she and everyone did on the track, so since Nicki wasn't planning to release it, GaGa will release it on ARTPOP.


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  • Nicki Minaj
  • Lady GaGa
  • Lil Wayne

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