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Pinhas Kopel (1918-1997) was the 3th of the Israeli Police Commissioner.

Koppel was born in the town Turk (Turek), in central Poland. He immigrated with his parents to Israel in 1924. At the age of 15 volunteered for the Haganah, served in the Rangers rank different tasks symbol of peace and Castle area in the head corner, he served as commander of the moving guard and served under Wingate. Graduated first waters of Defense in 1939, and after the Second World War, in 1941 he volunteered in the British Army and served in various fronts. In 1946 and was discharged as a sergeant and joined a cooperative of Transportation "Dan." He went on to become a member of the Haganah and in 1947 he joined the permanent mechanism of "protection" and served as a guide. War of Independence was a convoy commander in Operation Nachshon. He served in the 7th battalion commander and deputy commander of a regiment and took part in the battle of Latrun. Koppel left the army in 1950, is a major and moved to the General Security Service. In 1953, with the establishment of the Border Police, was appointed the first Commander Koppel. In May 1964, received command of the Israel Police and served as Inspector General of Police in Israel until 1972. After his police, settled in Kfar Bin-Nun. After retiring from the police, he served as chairman of the commission of inquiry established to investigate the circumstances of the Munich Olympics massacre. He also served as president of the Football Association.

he died in 1997 and buried in Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.

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