Phyllis Keino is a registered nurse and an exemplary philanthropist who has pursued her passion for helping others by providing food, education, and shelter through the Lewa Children’s Home and Baraka Farm, which supports hundreds of children in Kenya. Through these efforts, Phyllis has been able to provide help for children who have been orphaned or who have otherwise low opportunities. Phyllis works as an advocate fighting to allow greater educational opportunities for children in Kenya. She serves many programs that benefit children throughout Africa, as she works with the Women’s League, on the Board of Governors of several schools in Kenya, and as a Spokesperson for Bread and Water for Africa. Her humanitarian efforts have been commended, and she has received multiple awards for her work.


Phyllis Keino grew up in a large family with many brothers and sisters. Her family was very poor, and Phyllis recalls receiving help from others in their times of need. Because Phyllis had seen the difference that this help made in her own life as a child, she was drawn to helping others when she became older. Phyllis pursued this desire to help others through nursing and became a registered nurse in 1976. As early as 1972, while Phyllis was training to become a nurse, children would approach Phyllis asking for jobs so they could make money.[1] Instead of hiring these children, Phyllis took them into her home and provided for them. Although Phyllis has eight biological children of her own with her former husband Olympian Kipchoge Keino, her heart for children in need lead her to act as a mother for hundreds of other children. Soon Phyllis’ home could not support the number of children, and she looked to purchase a larger home and more land. Phyllis acquired 500 acres of land, previously used as a cattle ranch called Lewa Downs, in 1987 from the Craig family.[2] This now serves as the Lewa Children’s Home, which is a home to provide shelter, a farm to provide food, and a school to provide education. This Home provides necessary support for these children under Phyllis’ care.

Humanitarian Work

Bread and Water for Africa

Phyllis is the International Spokesperson for Bread and Water for Africa, an international NGO with locations in the United States, United Kingdom, and France. Bread and Water for Africa works to support and strengthen grassroots initiatives for self-sufficiency, health and education. Bread and Water for Africa serves in eight countries in Africa.[3] Bread and Water for Africa helps to assist Phyllis’ work for the Lewa Children’s Home, Kipkeino School, and Baraka Farm from.

Lewa Children’s Home

Phyllis Keino is the founder and director of the Lewa Children’s Home. The Lewa Children’s Home, located in west-central Africa, serves orphans from all over Kenya. The home provides food, shelter, healthcare, education, clothing, and counseling for 93 children in the Home.[4] In addition to this, 197 children receive food, clothing, and money for school fees through Lewa’s home-base sponsorship program.[5] Phyllis has enabled children throughout Kenya to receive resources they otherwise would have to go without through the Lewa Children’s Home.

Kipkeino School

The Kipkeino School is a primary school with boarding facilities. Phyllis Keino founded the school in 1999 to provide education for older children of the Lewa Children’s Home and for children throughout the Eldoret area. Phyllis Keino is a Director with Vimala Sebastian serving as the School Administrator. The Kipkeino School has over 280 students ages 5–17 and has a reputation for excellence.[6] The school is considered one of the best schools in all of Kenya.

Baraka Farm

Phyllis Keino integrated the Baraka Farm into her work with the Lewa Children’s Home to provide self-sustainability of the Home. She helps with daily operations of the farm and acts as Director in partnership with Jos Creemers the General Manager. The Baraka Farm serves the community in Eldoret, Kenya and serves children in the Lewa Children’s Home and Kipkeino School. The Farm provides food for children of the Home and the school. Additionally, Jos Creemers supports the community through the Farm by teaching modern farming techniques to farmers and aspiring farmers in the area. Through this teaching, the community is able to increase its agricultural production.[7]


Christian Relief Services Charities 20th Anniversary Gala Awards: Visionary Award. April 2006 [8]

The International Alliance for Women- World of Difference 100 Award [Not for profit, NGO category]. October 25, 2010. [9]


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