Phillimon Shumbusho Bibliography as of December 30, 2012. Born on October 25, 1980 and raised by a middle class family in the Eastern Democratic of Congo, in the town called Rutshuru in the Northern Province of Kivu. He grew up in a very conservative family, where he was trained to choose carefully who he can be associated with, without preventing him to be social and cordially to anyone who wants to be with him. He was carefully trained by his parents to strive for a success regardless of/to where he starts, because a success can be planned and monitored. He lost his father the day he was born; he died in the car accident on his way to his exiting birth place in the hospital of Goma, in the Northern Province of Kivu. He did not learn a lot from him directly, but he did learn of his life and that he was a Commanding Officer in the Immigration department, and that he spent his entire life serving on the border of Uganda and the DR Congo, ex- Zaire. His father was a naturalized Zaire or Congolese citizen and 1959 refugee, originally from Rwanda. However, he was raised by another Immigration Officer who later married his mother, a Congolese man, and told him that his father was a wise, smart and brave man. He later told him that he had an ambition of keeping his father alive by helping to achieve his dreams if he wanted, which he did. Phillimon first job after his high school studies was to help refugees from Rwanda who had come to their country to seek refuge, where he worked for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency, ADRA. His wife encouraged him to take that job in order to learn more on how to help others, and she was a certified nurse and was also serving refugees. He later married her in a difficulty situation, during the invasion of Rwandese to DR Congo. They now have four children, and are still together; she is from Rwanda. Like many refugees, he fled his country to Botswana through Zambia, after being separated with his family by the sounding bullets. He was surprised when they met again in the refugee camp known as Dukwi Refugee camp, located at 130 km North of Francistown and along Maun road. There, he worked as a health counselor to gang-raped victims carrying HIV/Aids, and to the mental and trauma related illness patients; with the UNHCR, Botswana Red cross, and Botswana Christian Council as described in his resume attached and included below as an extension to this biography. In July 2008, he was resettled in the United States of America after the U.S. government determined that he deserved a chance to pursue his happiness, heal, and prepare his children, family to a better future. Things did not work well for him in many ways, because he had to repeat over and over his high school in Botswana due to lost documents despite having acquired an equivalent to U.S. bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing. Shortly after learning the English language from the French educational system, he again graduated with a good Botswana General Certificate for Secondary Education, BGCSE, and accepted as an equivalent for the British GCSE, A level. He then was admitted to Boise State University using the same degree, where he had to repeat the college again, because even though he was admitted to the school, the school did not automatically validate his degree from DR Congo as an acceptable bachelor’s degree in U.S. He attended the BSU from January 2009 to 2013 and then prepared for the GRE test, for admission in the Graduate school, where working on either MBA or MPA program by the following fall-semester to his graduation. Below is his updated resume. Phillimon Shumbusho EDUCATION Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Economics Boise State University, Boise, ID 83725

RELEVANT SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE More than 6 years experience providing outstanding customer service Successful in recruiting new clients as well as retaining existing customers Intercultural competency and communication skills to work with diverse customers effectively Bilingual specialist capable of speaking seven most spoken languages in the U.S Carefully listen to customers with empathy in order to accurately assess and satisfy needs Strengthen a positive, friendly, and cooperative demeanor at all occasions Use customer relationship management (CRM) skills in attending to customer concerns and keep a positive picture of the company reputation Proven ability to successfully persuade customers to purchase products and to increase the quantity of products purchased, and provide after-sale services to keep the customers Ability to master and explain features of products and services in a way that convinces customers of their usefulness and why they are unique from similar products offered on market Exceeded the expectation during my time as President of Kirundi & Kinyarwanda Communities Possess the ability to manage electronic and manual large quantities of data and paperwork while at the same time ensuring complete accuracy Specialist in recording necessary documentation in a timely fashion as per work specifications Organize and keep documents consistent in hard copy and electronic databases formats Initiate and process contracts, bill the accounts, and collect payments.

Historical Positions Held:

Trainer of Mental Health Providers, December 2012 – Present Boise State University, Boise, ID (School of Social Work)

President of Kirundi & Kinyarwanda Communities, October 2008 – Present 1401 W Shoreline Dr, Boise, ID 83702

Home Based Care & Counseling Specialist for mental health, trauma, and HIV/AIDS patients September 2000 – June 2008 UNHCR, Botswana Christian Council, and Botswana Red Cross joint project,

Refugee counseling & services provider 1994-1997 Adventist Development and Relief Agency (Refugee Camps, Democratic Republic of Congo)

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