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The Philippine-United Kingdom relations refers to the bilateral relations between the Republic of the Philippines and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Formal diplomatic relations were establish between the Philippines and the United Kingdom on July 4, 1946. Relations between the two countries is cordial.[1]

Philippine Pre-Independence

Relations between the Philippines and the United Kingdom has its first links to Sir Francis Drake's arrival in Mindanao in 1579 after an almost three year circumnavigational voyage on board Golden Hind. Economic ties would further define overall ties between the two countries for the next centuries. The Philippines became a part of the footprint of the East India Company. British companies took part on improving transportation infrastructure in the Philippines.[1]

British occupation of Manila

The Kingdom of Great Britain occupied the city of Manila and nearby port of Cavite between 1762 and 1764 The unexpectedly strong resistance from the provisional Spanish colonial government established by members of the Royal Audience of Manila and their Filipino allies prevented British forces from taking control of territory beyond the neighbouring towns of Manila and Cavite. After these failures, the occupation was ended as part of the wider peace settlement of the Seven Years' War.

Modern Era

The British Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee visited the Philippines in 1986 to express support for the new government of then President Corazon Aquino. British Foreign Secretary Sir Geoffrey Howe in 1988 in an attempt to further strengthened the bilateral relations between the two countries. The following year, Filipino Foreign Secretary Raul Manglapus, who became the first Philippine minister to visit the Britain.[1]

Economic relations

The United Kingdom is currently the largest investor in the Philippines in Europe. Likewise, most European tourist who visits the Philippines comes from the United Kingdom with about 90,000 visitors yearly.[1][2]

Military relations

The Philippines sided with the Allies in the Second World War together with Great Britain. The United Kingdom also plays an important part in Mindanao peace process.

Filipinos in the United Kingdom

There were only a small population of Filipinos in the United Kingdom until the late 20th century. Over the past 20 years, the number of Filipinos in Britain increased from around 18,000 in 1986 to about 250,000 in 2010.[1] Most of them working in the health sector in the Greater London[2]

Britons in the Philippines

There are about 10,000 Britons residing in the Philippines, mostly expatriates, spouses and retirees.[2]


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