Phil E. Mason, better known as Thunderf00t, is a prominent YouTube vlogger and a research associate in food science at Cornell University[1]. He is mostly known for creating the 37 episode long video series Why do people laugh at Creationists? and other videos in which he criticizes religion, especially Christianity and Islam, and promotes science. He has debated creationist thinker Ray Comfort on the topic of intelligent design twice. He has been a frequent target of false DMCA copyright claims which have resulted in the takedown of videos for a number of times.[2] Towards the end of 2009, Thunderf00t managed to get an interview with Richard Dawkins. The four-part discussion took place at Dawkins' own home instead of Shamokin, Pennsylvania due to convenience for them both. The themes throughout are evolutionary and memetic explanations for the origin of religion. After the 2010 Everybody Draw Mohammed Day he published a short series of videos criticizing Islam that were themselved criticized by other atheists for missing nuance.[3][4] He was one of the speakers at the Reason Rally in Washington DC in March 2012.[5]


His research focuses on molecular modeling from neutron scatter data. He is often studying the way that a dissolved substance, like fluoride, interacts with the solution that it's in. One area he come back to often is the nature of water and guanidinium interaction. Guanidinium is researched in the field of molecular biology, because it's what is known as a chaotropic salt. It is used to "mess up" the structure of proteins either to study them or just to make them fall out of solution. Dr. Mason is helping to explain how they perform that function. [6] [7]


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