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Phantom Rises is a 2018 superhero film directed, produced, and co-written by Joe Johnston. Based on the DC Comics character Phantom, the film is the second of Johnston's Phantom films and a sequel to 2016's Phantom. Channing Tatum reprises the lead role as Brian Carter/Phantom, with a returning cast of Anton Yelchin as Chris Williams/Black Ghost, Willa Holland as Briana Carter, Michael Ealy as Will Johnson, Nathan Jones as Killbane, Ving Rhames as Big Joe. The film introduces Dr. Robert Benson (Tom Hiddleston), Rapid City's lead Bio-Chemist, and Brian's childhood friend Lara Isley (Brooklyn Decker), Robert Benson creates a armored suit similar to Phantom's who want's to destroy the city because Phantom put him behind bars and he joins forces with Killbane and Mocasso (Scott Adkins).

Plot _______________________________________________________________________________________________

2 years after the events in Phantom, Brian Carter is keeping the city from criminals and the corrupt while running his company. Dr. Robert Benson, a bio-chemist, creates a armored suit and wants revenge on Phantom. Brian must stop the rampage that Benson has caused and save Rapid City from Benson destroying the city.

Cast _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Channing Tatum as Brian Carter/Phantom

Anton Yelchin as Chris Williams/Black Ghost

Willa Holland as Briana Carter

Michael Ealy as Will Johnson

Ving Rhames as Big Joe

Tom Hiddleston as Dr. Robert Benson

Nathan Jones as Killbane

Scott Adkins as Mocasso

Brooklyn Decker as Lara Isley

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