Pgeezy and Peterman both his Stage Names (born Deangelo Parker on November 27, 1976 – Died December 17, 2012), he was a Charleston, South Carolina, USA) Native signed to Natalac Records . He was the first artist other than Natalac on Natalac Records to have a full album / mixtape on the Label.

Early life

Deangelo Parker was born in Charleston, South Carolina in 1976 to the late Mr. and Mrs. Henry Parker who both died before he was 10. He was raised by his Grandmother Rosina Martin till he met his common law wife Tiffany Risher Parker the love of his life and started his family with children Deangelo Parker Jr., and Dearjhia Parker.

Music career

Pgeezy's solo career began March 28, 2009, with All the way to the top vol. 1 Coast 2 Coast which spawned the single "Creepin through the fog". The album's sound was noted by several music writers as being "raw and gritty". In 2011 Pgeezy newly signed to Natalac Records first wide spread single was on “Best of Natalac” Doing the Best I can ft. Pgeezy it had wide spread publicity because of it’s release at the Memorial Day St. George Community Picnic Mixed with the T.U.G. Stop the Violence Movement spearheaded by Pgeezy. Pgeezy released on the Natalac Records Label “All the way to the Top Vol. 2 Coast 2 Coast” had two singles with Videos, Super Pack ft. Spoon who also died a month after the Video in a Car Crash on a road trip Selling Music for his Label Bezzle Inc. Also, “Everytime you see Us ft. Natalac”. In November of 2012, he released the Single “Sweet Godfather Deal” for the upcoming album “All the way to the top vol. 3 Coast 2 Coast” to be released in 2013.


Leading up to his death, on December 12th Pgeezy ' had complaints of Stomach pains then was taken to Colleton county medical center in Walterboro, SC by His Common Law Wife Tiffany Risher Parker and on December 17th he was pronounced Dead.

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