Peter Ranbiker

Born: 1901 Died: 1970 Family: Deceased Wife; Mary Ranbiker Deceased Son; Johnathon Ranbiker

Peter Ranbiker moved to Flint, Michigan with his son Johnathon after his wife Mary died in child labor.

He bought a rather big house on Woodside Dr. in the suburbs. Him and his son lived happily. 

With buying a big house, he hoped to one day find another woman and settle down to have more children. He worked as a GM factory worker and retiered at age 55.

His son lived very happily for many years until one day  at age 22, he was found by his father,  hanging in his room in 1956.
Peter was devastated and didn't want the news to travel around town. Even though Peter didnt want the news to travel but it did. 

Peter became very upset, aunry, depressed and alone. He never remarried or came out of his house after his son's death.

The only way people knew he was alive was because of house calls by doctors and grocery deliveries every month.

died in 1970. People say his house is haunted to this day and nobody has dared to buy it.

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