Peter Jacobs is a British male who was born on the 20th August 1998, he is most commonly know for being the only known person to be infected by skull minimus retarde


Jacobs was born with an incredibly rare disease-skull minimus retarde, and he is the only known victim of the disease, the disease caused serious deterioration of parts of his brain, and in an attempt to save his life the doctors had to remove the top part of his skull, and replace it with metal to enlarge it. However, this caused his entire head to swell up to 1.3 times the original size, this caused a strange phenomenon which resulted in his ears being considerably small in proportion to his skull.

Ages 1-4

After the incident, Peter was sent to Brambles nursery, Portsmouth, there he underwent treatment to give him the ability to think for himself, something that his parents were abusing for their ultimate plan for taking over the universe with left wing views to follow in Hitler's footsteps.
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