Peter Antal (born September 7, 1980) is a music producer, singer/songwriter, Peter made numerous recordings and covers which helped popularize him, in the US music industry. Peter has worked on official covers of such artists like Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, just to mention a few. In his age of 12, he produced Playstation music variations over Jurassic Park themes already, and other famous projects, at a International Game Production company. Their publishers called him "the most experienced producer of all time in many genres"

Life and career

New York years

Peter was born in Budapest, Hungary and grew up in Manhattan, New York with his Hungarian family. His father was a Engineer and his mother a housewife. While a student at Manhattan Primary School he found the School’s Year End concerts very interesting, and decided to play the piano. Later at school, Peter was popular among the other students due to his musical ability. They moved to Budapest, Hungary, because his father finished a very important project with his Uncle. Moving on to Budapest he started to take piano lessons. Peter's passion moved towards the NYC Pop scene. Peter began to learn about music production by himself. By 1996, his songs were released by local labels with good sales related to the countries boundaries. Peter felt his talent was wasted in such small productions, and he started to build his international musician relationships.

Berklee American years

In 2006, Peter was homesick, and wanted to go back to New York, so he filled out the first competition’s paperwork, and sent a demo tape to Berklee College of Music, and he won the scholarship, which lead him to meat Shimon Yanagihara, bass guitar player from Tokyo, and they befriended in their common music language in the school, in Boston.

American Production years

Peter made a company in the US, and started to work for many music producers, and songwriters from all around the world, including US, Spain, Greek, Japan, Africa, Italy, French through internet. In the early stage of his music company he also worked as a graphic artist, in a company owned by him. Later he received his biggest offer to produce songs for many well-known artist's backing tracks including Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5.

Production style

Peter learnt many different styles including Pop, Jazz, Classical, Electronic, so the combination of these can be heard in his recordings.

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