Pete Francis Heimbold (January 8, 1975) is a solo musical artist formerly of the bands Dispatch, Woodriver Bandits and Hermit Thrush. He plays guitar, bass, and is a singer/song-writer. Francis pursued a successful musical career with the independent band Dispatch for eight years, until their breakup in 2002, and is now continuing to write, play, and record solo. He draws his inspiration from his studies of poetry, art, and music from around the world. The style of his music takes on aspects of folk, pop, soul, and rock.


New York City based singer-songwriter, Pete Francis, put out his first solo album So They Say in 2001, before the disbanding of Dispatch. The album features popular songs such as "Burning the River" and "Carry You", which were then performed by Dispatch live in concert before their break-up in 2002.

After Dispatch, Francis was signed by major label Hollywood Records. He released the album Untold in 2003, which received critical praise and saw success at radio with songs "One Train" and "Untold". Coming from a history of being fiercely independent, and largely successful in that mold, Francis was unhappy with the promotion of Untold. He purchased the album back from Hollywood Records and has continued releasing albums independently ever since.

In 2004, Francis released Good To Finally Know. The album showed his combination of straight folk songs, such as "Town On Top Of Town", mixed with upbeat organ-heavy jam rock songs, such as "Low Sun". Dispatch got together to play their "Last Dispatch" concert in Boston, at this time, with over 110,000 attendees unexpectedly showing up, shutting down Storrow Drive, a major expressway in the city. The band played the song "Ride a Tear" off of Good To Finally Know and can be found on the Dispatch CD and DVD All Points Bulletin.

Francis took the next few years off the road. He returned in 2008 with the album Iron Sea and the Cavalry, touring the US both as a headliner and with artists such as Rusted Root and The Greyboy All Stars. He found a home in the summer festival circuit performing at 10,000 Lakes Festival, Summerfest, Mountain Jam and many others.

Francis released his album The Movie We Are In on May 18, 2010.





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