outcast the novel by Pearle Morha (book 1 of the banished children series)

written in 2010 and published in 2012 

This book was written by Pearle Morha at the age of 14 it is her first novel and for her age most people who have read and wrote reviews on the book said it is written way beyond the normal teenage standard. It is about a girl who is an orphan. she is on a scholarship to a school when she gets there everything is going great except for the fact she is ugly but then come along Dan a handsome guy who finds interest in May (the ugly girl) and Mays whole world is turned upside down when she finds out things she had only read in books is about to become her reality. Blurb: May thinks she's a normal girl. She’s fatherless, motherless and somehow she has finally got a scholarship into a school which will provide her with a better place to stay. everything is going well except the fact that she is ugly but when gorgeous Dan comes along May's world will be turned upside down when she finds out that things she only ever read in books is about to turn into her reality and she is going to need all the help she can get.

About the author Pearle Morha was born on the 4th may 1997. She has always had a talent in writing. She attended our lady and saint Philip Neri primary school in London where she entered many poems and writing contest. When leaving year 6 she stopped writing for contest all together but in 2011 Pearle begins writing all over again when she cecame a year10 in Bishop thomas Grant she was able to write this book through incoragement of her lesson techer Mr Gary Cole and her mum and family,and now she is currently writing two new books which she is hoping to finish in the next 2 years.

books: R.I.P Janice quick run through: imagine if you were there when your whole family was killed and you become numb and emotionless, imagine you find out there are others like you and the FBI, CIA and The President has been keeping a secret so big it could kill the whole world what if you weren’t meant to be born what are you suppose to do?

Book: For Freedom quick run through: book 2 of the banished children series. May and her friends think they have earned their rights to live because they have just save the whole supernatural worlds butts. But their life is never that easy once again they are on the run from their enemies and the people that were supposed to be their family and now they stumble on the biggest secret of all time. Can Dan and May with aid of their friends save the world before it is too late?

you can buy Pearle Morha's book the outcast at it may take some time seeing pearle is still making the finishing touched before she sells it to her readers.

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