YouTube Career

Pcgamer999, also known as Owen Chamberlain, began his first "YouTube Let's Play" on May 30th 2008. He has since used his unique commentary skills to apply for a YouTube partnership.

Catch Phrases

Owen has many tag lines tied to his channel. Mostly his infamous "Awwweh yeeah!" at random times.

Addressing Criticism

In February 2011, a Facebook user began to insult Owen on his fan page after Owen refused to make a shout-out video for his friend. After the user was banned by a moderator, an account on YouTube called "horrorproduction3" created a rant video about the situation. Owen uploaded an unlisted video addressing the situation by creating a satire of his choice of using a text-to-speech software instead of his real voice. In the video Owen asked horrorproduction3 to "find a girlfriend who isn't your cousin.". The video has since been removed.

Family Life

In 2011, Owen uploaded a video stating that he mad been disowned by his family. He had been kicked out of the house and replaced by his mothers boyfriend whom physically abused him and attempted to molest his sister.


Owen had been in a relationship with Alisha Fisher (known as ISmileLikeADoughnut on YouTube) of which they made a series called Fail Craft. They did a commentary of Mojang's "MineCraft" consisting of 5 parts. They also recorded "Nightmare House" and "Garry's Mod" together. Together, they opened a channel called "velogcity" where they discussed their plans to meet in Alisha's hometown and create a travel video for their channel. Before they made the trip, they broke up. No real explanation was relieved other than them not negotiating on a time to talk to eat other.

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