Private Paul Meadlo was a soldier of the US Army who was involved in the My Lai Massacre.

My Lai Massacre

During the My Lai Massacre, Meadlo claimed to have received orders from Lieutenant William Calley to shoot at civilians. He is reported to have taken part in the massacre of one group of civilians who had been rounded up, by firing into them along with Calley.[1] He also fired at a group of people in a ditch, again at following the orders of Calley.[2]

Subsequent Injury

The day after the My Lai Massacre, Meadlo stepped on a mine and lost his foot. He is reported to have cursed Calley, saying: "You’ll get yours! God will punish you Calley!" and to have maintained later that the injury was punishment from God for what he had done at My Lai.[2]

Life After My Lai

Meadlo was interviewed on CBS by Mike Wallace. This interview was important in making Americans realise that an atrocity had occurred at My Lai.[2] A quote from his interview spawned the famous anti-war poster: And babies.

On advice from his lawyer, Meadlo initially refused to testify at Calley's trial. However once he was granted immunity, he agreed to testify. In his testimony, he claimed that he simply followed orders, never considering their legality. He also differed from other witnesses in claiming that Captain Medina had been involved in the ditch massacre.[2]


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