FANDOM is still in it's development stage. The website was designed in response to the continuing Patriot Movement. While many cite the Second Amendment as their primary "Weapon of choice", the goal of the is to educate the masses with regards to the United States Constitution. It is the originators of the website opinion that the average American citizen in unaware of their rights and puts too much faith in the government and mass media outlets to educate them in regard to those rights. The belief is that knowledge is power and that the more people that know their rights will limit the chance that the government can abuse their powers.

Logo Symbolism

The logo is depicted with two flags (Grand Union[1] and the American Flag with the union down signifying distress[2]) crossed with the Gadsden snake between them. The flags symbolizes the flag at the time of the signing of the United States Constitution with the current state of the union with the Gadsden snake symbolizing the Patriot Movement defending the laws as laid out in the Constitution.

Educational Topics

United Stated Constitution

Besides providing the text of the United States Constitution, the also provides a section that examines each article and amendment. Each article and amendment has it's own page where it is explained in "Plain English" as well as examining the intents of the "Founding Fathers".

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