Patricia Byrne (born 1950) is an Irish author.


She was born in County Mayo, lives in Limerick, Ireland, and holds a Masters degree in Writing from the National University of Ireland, Galway.


She writes poetry, fiction and nonfiction and her short stories have been anthologised.[1] Her essays have appeared in journals like The New Hibernia Reveiw.[2] Her nonfiction book The Veiled Woman of Achill - Island Outrage & A Playboy Drama describes the 1894 attack on an English landowner, Agnes MacDonnell, at the Valley House, Achill Island by the notorious James Lynchehaun, and the aftermath of the crime. The book provides 'a good deal oof new information' on the Achill events and presents 'an interesting slant on the violently secterian atmosphere' of the times.[3] It narrates 'the gruesome tale of the real Playboy of the Western World'.[4]

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