Patience Is A Virtue is the upcoming debut studio album by American entertainer J.P.E. The album has experienced many delays because of various distribution issues between J.P.E and his former distributor, Route Note, which made its release uncertain. On May 15, 2017, J.P.E's representatives confirmed he no longer has distribution with Route Note.The album is set to be released by J.P.E's company Richmond Gang Entertainment.The album will be digitally distributed by Jazz Heads Records & Symphonic Distribution and with physical distribution being handled by Sony D.A.D.C

Background and recording

In 2017, J.P.E released his 2nd mixtape The Richmond King LP , continuing his creative partnership with record producer and audio engineer Hitman Da Hitmaker, who had first introduced his distinct sound on J.P.E's 2015 Single Who's Real(The Remixs). The Richmond King LP became a commercial success and was well received by music critics and also prior to The Richmond King LP, J.P.E also expanded his repertoire as a producer.For this album, he intended to have Cardo Da'vante handle most of the production and record a more cohesive sound than on The Richmond King LP, which featured disparate production duties by J.P.E himself and others. In November 2017, J.P.E revealed the title of his debut album will be Patience Is A Virtue.In comparison to his 2nd mixtape J.P.E revealed online that The Richmond King LP was a rushed project, stating, "I didn’t get to take the time that I wanted to on that record. I rushed a lot of the songs and sonically I didn’t get to sit with the record and say, 'I should change this verse.' "Once it was done, it was done. That was supposed to be my debut album but in the end i couldn't put it out the way i wanted to. The reason this album is called Patience Is A Virtue is because I get to take my time this go-round." J.P.E mentioned online that Patience Is A Virtue could have up to 36 songs on it, and added that Lil Wayne contributed to the creative direction of the album and will be featured on the album as well. J.P.E also revealed that the album was recorded in Georgia.Debating whether to submit his final cut or not, J.P.Es preferred release date that motivated him to created a deluxe edition to be released on the iTunes Store.

Several producers were revealed to be working on the album other than J.P.E himself (who is the main producer of the album), including Soulja Boy Tellem,J Cash,Relta,Jim Lang, SwagMadeThis1,TankHead,Sean Bentley, SoulDiggaz, October Beatz, J.P.E Beats,R Kelly,Stevie Wonder,Justin Bieber. J.P.E admits in an interview to "dropping the ball" on the project and is optimistic about a future collaboration with Cardo Davante. He also wanted to collaborate with Will Smith stating, "The song is gonna be dope," it was produced by myself. "Its was solid, a solid little look. But he's so immersed in the acting thing, and I don't blame him, he's doing great at it. But I dont think hes totally back into the music thing but i will holla at him when hes ready.


Patience Is A Virtue expands on the low-tempo, sensuous, and laid back feel.Primarily a hip hop album, it has a languid, grandiose production that incorporates R&B, pop, experimental,and post-dubstep styles. The music is typified by an atmospheric sound, muted textures, slow tempos, subtle chords, melodic synth tracks, low-end grooves, and sparse, ambient arrangements.J.P.E himself contributed to most of the album's production with murky beats, dark synth layers, atmospheric keyboards,moody guitar sounds, smooth piano, drums, dramatic flourishes, and low-pass filters. Although he is credited as producer for only most of the album's 36 songs, artist like R Kelly also served as audio engineer and mix engineer on the album.His production for the album is characteristic of the Atlanta rnb scene.

Music writers noted "late-night" and 1990s-era R&B in the album's music.Other producers' tracks are more up-tempo and shift from the melancholic mood of J.P.E's production.Songs on the album are lengthy, sonically expansive,and accompanied by playful interludes.J.P.E's vocals on the album feature emotional crooning, alto vocals, a guttural cadence, a melodic flow, and a larger emphasis on singing than on his previous project, The Richmond King LP.


The album's subject matter expands on the theme of ambivalence and conflicted feelings toward fame. J.P.E's lyrics on the album address failed romances, missed connections,relationships with friends and family, maintaining balance with growing wealth and fame, concerns about leading a hollow life, the passage of young adulthood,and despondency. The album's slower songs generally explore themes of loneliness, heartbreak, and mistrust. The topic of women is prevalent on the album, with songs that address past and potential lovers such as "Baby Girl "& "Anything" .

Release and promotion


1.Baby Girl (Featuring: Drake)

2."Without You" (featuring Justin Bieber)

3. "Simple Songs" (featuring Taylor Swift)

4.Max Out featuring TankHead,Kongo,Cerdafied,Future

5. "All For You" (featuring Missy Eliot, Lil Wayne,J Woo)

6. "Anything" (featuring R Kelly)


8."Harder They Fall" (featuring Chingy,Soulja Boy Tellem,Kid,Play)

9.Go Girl (featuring Lil John)

10."Dont Ask" (featuring Sanna Hartfield)


12."This Must Be Love"

Critical reception


Commercial performance

Confirmed tracks

Carter V Playlist.

Disc 1
No. TitleProducer(s) Length
1. "Oh Yeah (Intro)"  J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards) 5:37
2. ".Baby Girl" (featuring Drake)J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards),J Cash 4:14
3. "Dying To Survivie" (featuring Chris Landry, Ace Da Vinci,Rob Level)J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards),Relta 4:25
4. "Smooth (Carpe Diem)" (featuring John E, Hetick, M.V.P Gang')J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards),Jim Lang 5:07
5. "Harder They Fall" (featuring Chingy,Soulja Boy Tellem,Kid,Play)J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards), SwagMadeThis1 4:42
6. "Max Out" (featuring TankHead,Kongo,Cerdafied,Future)J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards),TankHead 5:00
7. "Foolish"  J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards) 3:55
8. "All For You" (featuring Missy Eliot, Lil Wayne,J Woo)J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards), SoulDiggaz  
9. "Go Girl" (featuring Lil John)J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards), October Beatz  
10. "Im Missing You (Part 1)" (featuring J.P.E Beats)J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards), J.P.E Beats  
11. "Anything" (featuring R Kelly)J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards),R Kelly  
12. "This Must Be Love"  J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards),TdotC Prouctions  
Disc 2
No. TitleProducer(s) Length
1. "(Intro)"  J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards) 5:37
2. "Without You" (featuring Justin Bieber)J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards),Justin Bieber 4:14
3. "Simple Songs" (featuring Taylor Swift)J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards) 4:25
4. "Meet Me In The Birdy"  J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards), 5:07
5. "Anything (The Remixs)" (featuring R Kelly, Rick Ross,50 Cent,The Game, Ja Rule)J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards),R. Kelly 4:42
6. "Trying"(Interlude)"  J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards) 5:00
7. "Trying"  J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards), 3:55
8. "Dont Ask" (featuring Sanna Hartfield)J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards), Seico  
9. "Feeling You (Interlude)"  J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards),  
10. "Im Missing You (Part 2)"  J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards), J.P.E Beats  
11. "Midnight Lovers(Interlude)"  J.P.E ( Joshua P. Edwards),R Kelly  
12. "Outro"     


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