The following succeed improvements on hair loss problems, according to what the patent owners declare.

A mixture from hops, rosemary and an extract of swertia japonica and silanodiol salicilate

According to the owner of the patent, showed that it helps for the treatment of hair loss.[1]


According to the patent owner, the alpharegul capsules have a similar affect with finasteride, regulating the 5-alpha hormone (reductase). The patent belongs to the professor – pharmacist Marc Schwaller.[2]

A patent based on finasteride [3]

A patent based on minoxidil [4]

An oily mixture based on paraffin, otter or mink’s fur and pure alcohol

It is applied on the problematic scalp area and, according to the patent owner, it helps hair and scalp to regain their healthy nature and balance by treating also dermatological problems such as dry scalp, oiliness, itching, dandruff, redness and by strengthens it so as stop falling.[5][6] The patent belongs to the Greek inventor George Mexis,[7] who suffered from a combination of androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata.[8][9]

A lotion which ingredients are vegetables, hops, rosemary, swertia japonica and siladiol salicitate in alcoholic or hydro-alcoholic medium with vitamins color and perfume [10]

The company that filed the patent says that the mixture treats hair loss, helps the hair re-growth and succeeds in the reduction of sebum, dandruff.

== A mixture of polyamine, spermidini, methionine, vitamin C, polyphenols, vitamin C, calcium pantothenate, zinc, vitamin B6, copper, folic acid and biotin [11]==


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