Copied from article in main wp space being deleted. I'll look into this soon. (from the internet pun for "Am I right?"[2]) is an internet-based mobile phone application and website social network for people's opinions, created to allow users to relate their ideas and opinions on any topic. [3]

Users (called "Amiriters") can ask questions anonymously setting up an anonymous or revealed user discussion for the public or for a group of users.

Amirite, created in December 2009, emerged from Beta in September 2012.[4]

Currently there are over 2 million unique visitors per month and over 3 million pageviews per month. There are over 700,000 posts, 2 million comments and over a billion votes have been processed on Amirite.[5]

Discussions range from the serious and political to the funny and bizarre. Amirite's slogan is 'Every Opinion Matters'. The website includes the "Top post for the day" voted by users, and "achievements" given to users in accordance with their activity on the site.

Amirite has been selected as a Tech Entrepreneurs Week London Top 3 Winner. [6]


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