Parts Models is a modeling agency exclusively for body parts.[1][2][3][4] The agency currently represents over 300 parts models.[4][5][6]

Danielle Korwin is the President and CEO of Parts Models.[1][7] The company is privately owned and is located in New York, NY.[1][2]


Danielle (Dani) Korwin founded Parts Models in 1986.[2] She has owned and managed the company for over 25 years.[1] [7] Korwin has a B.S. in Art Education from the State University of New York at New Paltz.[7] Prior to founding Parts Models, Korwin worked occasionally as a model.[3]

The company began with 10 hand models.[6] Since then, it has added hundreds more hand models as well as models for other body parts.[1][6][8]

As the President of Parts Models, Korwin has been regular commentator for the parts modeling industry and is regarded as a leading industry expert. The market for hand models has grown with the rise in portable electronics.[9]

Korwin has frequently shared parts modeling advice through newspaper articles and blogs. In 2003, she contributed to the piece “Tips for Keeping Hands Pretty” for the Herald Journal. Her advice included: avoid washing dishes without gloves, never use nails to open a letter, get a paraffin wax treatment once a month and use moisturizer and sunscreen.[3]

Parts Models has hosted and co-sponsored a number of model search contests. In 2003, a contest co-sponsored with Cutex awarded $1,000 and a spot on the Parts Model roster to a new hand model.[3] In 2009, Korwin led a contest for a lip model for Softlips, which awarded $2,500 cash and a year’s supply of Softlips product.[4][5]

Today, Korwin represents more than 300 parts models.[6] Parts Models receives 50 to 100 new model submissions each week.[3][8] Korwin interviews less than 1% of these for potential representation.[8]


Parts Models works with top hand, leg, feet and body models. Its models have appeared in magazines, catalogs, TV advertisements and product campaigns.[1][10] Most of the models have years of modeling experiences.[3] Parts Models represents models for every body part, including those with unique qualities like arthritic hands and large noses. In an interview with Alan Burdick, Korwin said, “I can’t think of any body part we haven’t done.”[8]

Compensation for parts modeling can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars for a few hours of work in high-profile ad campaigns. In order to be successful, parts models must have top quality features. CEO Korwin said in an interview with CNN, “people have a very romanticized view of what [parts] modeling is… your hands have to be veinless, poreless and flawless.”[8][11][12][13]

Only about 50 hand models in the world are able to make a living off of parts modeling.[6] Female parts models tend to make more than male parts models. Both male and female models must avoid doing activities that might damage their extremities, like cleaning and sports.[13] Parts models need to be on call at all times.[3]

Parts Models has provided models for top magazines like Glamour, Vogue, In Style, Fitness, Self, Shape, and Allure. Its models have also appeared in print and in-store ads for Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdale’s and Avon.[1][10]

Parts Models provided the hand model for the cover of the book Twilight. Its model James Furino has doubled for the hands of Daniel Craig in a “James Bond” ad and Matthew Perry on “Friends”.[8][11]

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