"The Parkeerbeheer Song" (also known as "The Name Song", "The DUA Name List Song" and "Medewerkers Hit") is a song by Karim released as part of a promo for regional company "Parkeerbeheer". The song features Daniël Braspenning on backing vocals and percussion, and interpolates a sample of Stir It Up by Bob Marley, played on ukelele.


The song runs at a tempo of 93.4 beats per minute, with singer Karim providing vocals in the range of G to D-flat. The lyrics consist of the full list of employees of Parkeerbeheer, rhyming with each other, singling out only Marim Heiligenberg on the outro on which Karim declares "I didn't forget you son".


The single was popular, helping Karim, Daniël Braspenning and Parkeerbeheer BV reach some moderate succes within the Netherlands. It is reported[where?] that some employees that have been named sued Karim for damages because (quote:) "They couldn't sleep after the song became a sleeper hit".[citation needed] "The paparazzi was all over me and my boyfriend, our privacy was neglected in a bad manner" said Bernard Mangelaars, Parkeerbeheer hero (see camera taping incident), who was studying marketing before reaching pop star status after being named in the song.[citation needed] Mangelaars didn't win the trial, since his attorney (Reto Wieshoff) seemed to be involved in a sexual relationship with a member of the jury (Guy R./ G. Royen). The trial was adjourned, and canceled due to money problems of Mangelaars. It was said he went bankrupt by making a bad business choice. He seemed to be renting some houses to Polish guest workers.[citation needed]

Music video

The music video, directed by Stefan Rops, consists mainly of Karim reading the names from a print from against an orange backdrop with tasks on pages pinned to it. There is a short cameo by Jurgen de Meij.

Chart Awards

Chart (2000) Peak
Mozambican Singles Chart 32
Kenyan Singles Chart 11
Uganda Top 40 29
South Africa Top 100 93
Haiti Top 20 6
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