Pangunahing Balita (Headliner) is the Filipino language newscast of ABC-5 from 1962 to 1972 when DZTM-TV 5 was closed down due to Martial Law

ABC-5 (1962-1972)

Premiered on February 5, 1962, Pangunahing Balita is the Filipino language late afternoon newscast of ABC-5 Anchored by Paul Lacanilao, the newscast airs the news of the day in the local and international scene. It was also became an inspiration to have other TV stations a Filipino-language newscast like Balita Ngayon of ABS-CBN, which aired from 1962-1972


It was aired in the late afternoon slot, and has 2 editions. The first edition airs at 4:30pm while the final edition airs at 5:45pm.

PTV-4 (1988-1998)

In 1988, PTV-4 launches Pangunahing Balita as its Filipino-language newscast. It was became the household name for their Tagalog newscast.


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