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PSPSex is an advertising-free pornographic website that provides audio, videos, and photos of explicit sex for free.

Slogan Free Handheld Porn
Type of site Pornographic
Available language(s) English
Launched June 29 2005
Alexa rank 32,000
Current status



A unique model of porn site in that it denies entry into their VIP area where its users upload their own pornographic media (user-generated content). It's public area is simple and clean making it easy for users to navigate with pc or other mobile and none mobile devices. The public area is updated weekly. A small selection of video's from the VIP area are added to the public side of the site Friday nights.


The site's owners gave away 1000 memberships in early July 2005. Those members are allowed to INVITE other users to be members for free. The site owners wont sell or invite users into their private VIP area.

PSPSEX was started in June 2005 [1] by the company XTC Media Communications Inc.

Concerns have been expressed over the inability to verify the age of the persons depicted in the videos, the possibility of copyrighted videos being uploaded to the site, and the possibility of privacy violations when private sex tapes are uploaded without the consent of all involved parties.[2]

This site does not redirect any users to malicious websites or condone its use by minors.


PSPSEX content doesn't contain viruses. The site doesn't require you to install any apps or software.

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