The Program on International Security Policy (PISP) Fellowship is an undergraduate and graduate fellowship established in the University of Chicago by the Program on International Security Policy. Its main focus is on theories of international relation and is heavily rooted in the ideas of realism.


Fellows participate in active discussions, workshops and are invited to dinners with outside speakers. The fellowship is an important part of PISP and is an excellent way to gain exposure to the discipline of international politics in academia and policy making.

Directors and eligibility

The Fellowship is run by John Mearsheimer and Robert Pape, both renowned theoreticians in the field of international politics and security. Every year around 20 University of Chicago students are nominated to participate in the program and a few of those are then selected as PISP Fellows. Most nominated students are selected because of their academic record, interest in the fields at hand, recommendations from previous fellows or faculty members and overall excellence. It is considered a high honor to be invited to join the fellowship and is often used as a launching pad for careers in academia and/or foreign affairs fields.


Since it is the most important part of the program, the discussions and workshops are always led by high-profile academics who have established reputations in academia and the political world. Speakers from most elite universities in America and Europe, as well as members of the foreign policy, defense and intelligence communities have participated in the Fellowship.

Some of the speakers (and their organizations) that have participated in the program include:

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