Owen Cook (also known as "Tyler", "Tyler Durden" (born in 1979 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) is an entrepreneur, author and dating advisor. He is the figurehead of Real Social Dynamics, a company that specializes in teaching self actualization and dating advice.


Owen Cook graduated with a degree in philosophy from Queen's University in Kingston.[1] He first became interested in pick-up as a young man after breaking up with his long-time girlfriend. Following the breakup, Owen left school and suffered a deep depression.[1] He joined the seduction community in 2002, assuming the handle 'Tyler Durden' in homage to the fictional character from the novel Fight Club. He traveled to Los Angeles in order to develop his skills at seducing women, eventually moving into a closet and using it as his bedroom in order to live with Neil Strauss, Barry Kirkey and Mystery at their mansion in Project Hollywood.[2]

He is mentioned by Neil Strauss in his book The Game. Strauss describes his distrust of Cook as a result of his experience mentoring Owen and fellow student "Papa" (Nicholas Kho). The book also describes the establishment of Real Social Dynamics by Cook and Papa, a company dedicated to teaching men how to interact with women and a manipulative conflict with a third pick-up artist, Mystery.


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