Oval Track Racing News

Oval Track Racing News is a website composed of links to other websites about one particular type of racing. The site is primarily about stock car racing on oval tracks with some mention of Indy car racing when it is performed on oval tracks. It is managed my Mack Payne whose mission is to present in one location a large selection of racing news articles that would ordinarily take much time and effort to locate individually. The site includes articles of interest about every level of racing from the NASCAR to the smallest local tracks.

On rare occasions Payne will write an article either based on information he has received or of an opinion nature. The vast majority of articles are links to other websites where the actual articles appear. Stories are selected on a basis of relevancy and interest levels. Article titles are rewritten to exhibit editorial opinion on the part of the manager.


The motivation for starting Oval Track Racing News originated with Payne's lifelong interest in the sport. It began as he watched the old NASCAR races run on the beaches of Daytona Beach, Florida back in the 1950's. That was followed by his observing the first races held at the Daytona International Speedway and all the other large tracks hosting NASCAR events throughout the Southeast. He also attended many races at small tracks from Florida To the Carolinas. Beginning in 1999 he participated as a driver in the FASTRUCK series based in Tampa, Florida.

The website was started in 2012 to consolidate current news about oval track racing throughout North America. Payne found that coverage of racing events varied in different areas and wanted to create an information central location for the benefits of racing fans everywhere at no cost.


The majority of the content on Oval Track Racing News is composed of selected hyperlinks to informational websites on the world wide web. Selected articles are normally in two to three paragraph lengths. Article themes range from news about upcoming and completed races, race results, driver stories and opinions, NASCAR, ARCA, Indy Car and other racing organizations corporate topics, Spotlights on famous drivers from the past and rising stars to editorial opinion pieces. The website includes a list of all oval tracks in the United States and Canada along with helpful information about each one. Also included is a list of hyperlinks to sports writers who specialize in motor sports. The website is supported by advertisements placed on the site.


The website was designed to be simple with a plain appearance. It has a boldface black mono spaced font text on a plain white background. It is written in a monochromatic color scheme with unscripted HTML text. It is structured with a banner headline and three columns in mono spaced font. There is a headline story with leader image above the headline. At the very top left side of the site is a permanent listing of the point standings for the three NASCAR series. Links to stories are selected at Mack Payne's discretion. Images are included to add interest to individual stories and visual appeal to the entire page. Track listings are at the lower left of the page and a list of featured writers is in the lower center.

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