Our Guide Misadventures is a comedy web series starring and created by Rae'Kwon Youmans. The series follows RJ and friends as the series chronicles the misadventures of them through their lives and screwball situations.


While sittin' home in December 2010, Rae'Kwon Youmans was inspired to create a series. It wasn't until a year a series was released as The Adam Paige Show on January 27, 2012. The series ended on March 24, 2012. In April 2012, the idea of Our Guide was in Youmans head. After that they released a small teaser trailer. The series went into a lot of changes in June 2012. The title was quickly changed from Our Guide to Our Guide Misadventures.

Cast and Characters

  • RJ is a smart, inspiring actor/writer, who deals with passive-aggressiveness and mutiple-personality issues; due his daily life with every one. He best friends with Fletcher and Kat. He is protrayed by Rae'Kwon Youmans.
  • Fletcher is the best friend of RJ and brother to Kat. He is an inspiring singer and a major fan of Jennifer Hudson. Like RJ, he deals with passive-aggressiveness. He is protrayed by Tyrese Moore.
  • Tuesday is the primary antagonist of the series. She is sarcastic, rude, mean to the others. There is a possible friendship between her and Kat. She is protrayed by DeAria Phoenix.
  • Kat is the close friend of RJ and sister of Fletcher. She is always happy and perky all the time; there's a strong possibility she may be bipolar. She is protrayed by Alaina Aldrich.
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