One Infinite Loop (real name:Robert Walthall) is a composer that works in the genres of Noise and/or Glitch music.


American composer, Robert H. Walthall, better known as One Infinite Loop, has been active in the experimental music underground since 2003.[1]', His artwork correlates to Glitch music genres. One Infinite Loop has crafted a noise-based glitch aesthetic that involves the use of live laptops, modular synthesis, and other miscellaneous instruments.

One Infinite Loop is a wordplay for a type of Glitch called an 'infinite loop'. He has performed live throughout the West Coast U.S. , Including the worlds largest Noise Festival- NorCal Noisefest. [1]' [2]' [3]' His most notable feature is the use of live laptops as a musical instrument, a style known as Laptronica. [1]'

One Infinite Loop has composed a number of songs within the genre of Glitch and Noise music. [4]'

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