OneUpMe is a website that was built and is run by Eric Fisher. The idea of a gaming website based on wordplay came from Jesse Eisenberg. Users on the site engage in creative thinking through a variety of wordplay games (under topics such as Analogies, Acronymity and Hybrids among others). The userbase is built solely off Facebook, and the website has grown substantially in popularity since 2010.

How it started

While filming The Hunting Party in Bosnia in 2006, actor Jesse Eisenberg came up with the idea for a simple wordplay site where people could respond to a daily wordplay topic in an attempt to "one-up" each other in the cleverness of their response. However, as Jesse was not sure about how exactly to create it, he turned to his first cousin, Eric Fisher, who, incidentally, most recently was the Social Design evangelist at Facebook (hence why the userbase is built solely off Facebook). Hence the site was created.[1]


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