Omega Pi Sorority (ΩΠ) was founded in 1985 at Dalhousie University in Halifax Nova Scotia. This Sorority is known to stand for respect, leadership and individuality.[1] Omega Pi is a local sorority that is Halifax-based with a membership of 240+ sisters.[2]


On Friday, September 21, 1984 Elizabeth Beck, Jennifer Flinn, and Heather Reynolds went out to celebrate Jennifer's 21st birthday. They ended the night at the Sigma Chi Fraternity House. Jennifer noted that Alpha Gamma Delta Woman's Fraternity was the only Greek organization option for women on Dalhousie Campus. Based upon fun times shared with, and good things heard about various male and female members of the Greek Community at Dal, the three decided then and there that they should start a Sorority.

The founding Sisters consulted many resources, fellow organizations in Halifax; Inter-Fraternity Council(IFC); & some international contacts. At this point the focus of the goal became much clearer; to become a recognized society at Dalhousie and in doing so, create a new and unique, organization of women.

They decided on the Name Omega Pi, formed an Executive and participated in the Rush of the new semester. Officially establishing themselves April 20, 1985.[3]


The sisters of Omega Pi are devoted to the local community, and are committed to making a difference throughout the areas in which they live. This is accomplished through both fundraising initiatives and active participation in community events. Omega Pi has a strong history of community involvement, and look forward to being of service in any way that they can.

Each semester Omega Pi Sorority chooses a charity from the community to fund raise for. Previous chosen charities have included Titz and Glitz, The Kidney Foundation, the Diabetes Foundation etc. Although Omega Pi is very active fundraising for various different charities the semester chosen charity is the main goal.[4]

Member schools

Omega Pi Sorority not only has members from Dalhousie University, they also have members from University of King's College, Saint Mary's University, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Mount Saint Vincent University and Universite de Sainte Anne (Halifax Campus) [5][6]


Anchors- The Anchor is a very special symbol to Omega Pi Sorority. Every Year they go to Point Pleasant Park and visit the Anchor memorial.[7]

Bond Numbers- Every Sister in Omega Pi Sorority has a unique bond number. This number correspond to when that individual became a sister.[8]


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