Oliver Céleste

Oliver Céleste

Oliver Céleste is a British-based alternative pop singer, songwriter and record producer from Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. He is known for releasing the songs "Bones", "Famous In LA" and "Problems".


2014: Becoming Oliver Céleste and Sunken Bodies

Oliver Céleste first came into the music scene in 2014, when he was 20 years of age. Before he started releasing musical material, he knew some friends who worked in the music industry and they were the one's who persuaded him to pursue that career. Oliver independently released his debut single under the title "Bones" in September 2014. The song became an internet hit, having a related musical style to that of Troye Sivan and Lana Del Rey who are two of Oliver's major influences. It was later revealed that Oliver had written and produced the song himself and filmed and directed his own official music video for the song, which sees him in a dark setting by the seaside as if he was partially immersed in water.

On the same day, he announced the single was set to be the lead single of his upcoming debut extended play, which was named Sunken Bodies, which was eventually released on 29 September 2014.[1]

Later on in the year, Oliver announced that he was releasing the second single from the extended play, which was of the song "Beating Heart". It was released on 7 December 2014. It's official music video was also released, which visualised Oliver surrounded by mannequins and dancers. The single was later succeeded by the other two songs "Back To The Start" and "Hell", which were released as singles from the extended play.

2015-present: XY

As it came to the early months of 2015, Oliver announced that he had signed to Calitonia Records, which sparked the planning for Oliver's debut studio album. In June 2015, which was after his debut extended play Sunken Bodies concluded its era, he released his first single outside of the EP, which was called "Chasing Your Love". It sparked talk with his fans that he might be working on new material for a new project.

Not long after the song was released, he announced that his debut album was expected to be titled XY and that it was expected to be released in July 2015. This came with the teaser for his next single from the album, which was entitled "Famous In LA".

The song was released in 10 July 2015, days before the expected release of XY. The official music video, which Oliver directed, was shot in Los Angeles in the United States, which is also where Oliver recorded most of the material for the new album. The song, upon its release, was his biggest hit since his debut single "Bones".

Oliver Céleste's debut studio album XY was eventually released on 13 July 2015, through Calitonia Records.[2] The album revealed a secret collaboration with singer/songwriter Elsa Goode, in the title "You Made Your Bed". Elsa was revealed as featured artist on the track and is one of Oliver's closest friends within the music industry.

During the album's post-release phase, Oliver released his third single from the album, entitled “XY” on 9 October 2015. The song was said to be inspired by one of Oliver's major influences Taylor Swift. After the song was released, Oliver remixed the song and named it "Kill The Bitch". The remixed version was released under the XY // Kill The Bitch extended play. "Kill The Bitch" was also treated, to some extent, as a fourth single.

The album concluded it’s era when Oliver released its fifth single, entitled “2 In The Morning”, on 27 November 2015.

2016-present: Lessons from California

After Oliver's debut studio album was released, he announced that he was set to move to Los Angeles in the United States, after he spent most of his time recording material for his debut album there. Shortly afterwards, Oliver had begun to post many different covers of songs that had been recently released. His most popular is of the song "The Blackest Day" originally sung by Lana Del Rey, peaking at around 30,000 views on YouTube.

At the turn of the year, Oliver announced that Calitonia Records moved to Sony Music Entertainment, which sparked the planning for Oliver's second extended play to follow up from his 2015 debut album. In February 2016, Oliver announced that he was set to release his second extended play, which was to be titled Lessons from California. It was announced to be released in March 2016.

Later on in the month, the single "Problems" was released onto his new official VEVO channel on 29 February 2016, which spread Oliver's music to a wider audience. The song became Oliver's third internet hit after releasing "Famous In LA" the previous year.

His second extended play release as planned on 18 March 2016, through Calitonia Records. The EP revealed that he collaborated with numerous people. He collaborated with The Tony on the song "Fly" and Tiffany van Goey on the song "City Gold".

Shortly after the release of the album, Oliver announced that he was returning to the UK to film the official music video for his second single from the extended play, which was entitled "Show Me". However, it was not properly released until July 2016.

Oliver has since launched his own vlogs on YouTube so that his fans can stay up to day with his music career. Since then he has announced that he been back and fourth from London and Los Angeles to discuss about new music concepts. He also announced over the vlogs that he is expected to release an acoustic version of Lessons from California with the acoustic of second single from the original EP "Show Me" being released first, acting as the lead single.



Title Album details Tracklist
  • Released: July 13, 2015
  • Label: Calitonia Records
  • Format: Digital download, CD
  • "Famous In LA"
  • "Gasoline"
  • "Chasing Your Love"
  • "2 In The Morning"
  • "XY"
  • "No Strings"
  • "Royal Poison"
  • "You Made Your Bed" (ft. Elsa Goode)
  • "Plastic"

Extended Plays

Title Album details Tracklist
Sunken Bodies
  • Released: September 29, 2014
  • Label: Self-released
  • Format: Digital download, CD
  • "Bones"
  • "Hell"
  • "Beating Heart"
  • "Back To The Start"
Lessons from California
  • Released: March 28, 2016
  • Label: Calitonia Records
  • Format: Digital download, CD
  • "Problems"
  • "Fly" (ft. The Tony)
  • "Show Me"
  • "Squad Goals"
  • "City Gold" (ft. Tiffany van Goey)
Lessons from California (Acoustic)
  • Released: September 2, 2016
  • Label: Calitonia Records
  • Format: Digital download, CD


  • "Bones" (2014)
  • "Beating Heart" (2014)
  • "Back To The Start" (2015)
  • "Hell" (2015)
  • "Chasing Your Love" (2015)
  • "Famous In LA" (2015)
  • "XY // Kill The Bitch" (2015)
  • "2 In The Morning" (2015)
  • "Problems" (2016)
  • "Watch" (2016) (with DocH)
  • "Show Me" (2016)
  • "Fly" (2016) (featuring The Tony)


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