Olga Kay Karavaeva, more commonly known as her YouTube personality, OlgaKay, has four YouTube channels that are regularly updated: OlgaKay OlgaKay2, OlgaKayIphone, and OlgaKayGaming. OlgaKay is for her comedic, well produced videos that she writes, performs in and edits herself. Olgakay2 channel is for her every day (or sometimes every other day) video blogs (vlogs). OlgaKayIphone is a channel where she lazyvlogs about a certain topic. OlgaKayGaming is where she plays on her Xbox 360.

Her trademark word, "moosh" stems from her cats name Mushka. Moosh has been used in a variety of ways over her career and considers her fans her Moosh Army. Olga Kay fans use moosh as a term as endearment or otherwise. It is also her goodbye phrase ending all of her videos.

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