Off the Fence Theatre Company was formed in 2011 by Gary Phillpott and Verity Bartesch.

Off the Fence is an umbrella theatre company based in Leicester and dedicated to the production and performance of new scripted theatrical work, thereby providing a medium for actors, writers, directors and technicians to develop. Performances are in mainstream traditional, secondary and non-theatre space,making pieces accessible to new and existing theatre audiences. Off the Fence encourage and facilitate interest and development in the art of dramatic theatre.

Off the Fence's debut performance was in Leicester's historic market on 11th December 2011 and featured four new theatrical pieces inspired by this well known landmark.



  1. Market Forces, Leicester Market


  1. Without Decor Season, Y Theatre, Leicester
  2. NCP, Part of Unearth Leicester Festival, Halford St NCP, Leicester
  3. Tour of Nottingham and Leicestershire
  4. Without Decor Season, Y Theatre, Leicester


  1. Please Ignore the Following Instructions by Louise Singleton
  2. Market by Gary Phillpott
  3. Sunday/Saturday by Beverley Hancock
  4. First and Last by Marilyn Ricci
  5. Two-two, Four-four by Gary Phillpott
  6. Blue Sky Talking by Laurie Cusack
  7. Breaking In by Adrian Reynolds
  8. Walking in High Heels by Gary Phillpott
  9. Ten Minutes to Eleven by Louise Singleton
  10. Resume by Jodie Neary and Samantha Edwards
  11. Blink by Simon Carter
  12. AUTO.biography by Dan Nicholas
  13. The Weight by Daniel WIlliams

Market Forces comprised four specially commissioned short plays reflecting

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