Off The Clock is a web series created by Lalaine known from Lizzie McGuire & singer Elisa Victoria. Off The Clock is made up of different comedy sketches with adult themes such as drugs and sex. Off The Clock started in 2009.[1]

Main Cast

Guest Appearances

  • Evan Peters [2]
  • Trevor Page
  • Michael Brooks
  • John McNichol
  • Virginia Anzengruber
  • Blake Dinger


  1. "I'm In A Band" (June 23, 2009)[3]
  2. "Gorgonzola y Pinto" (Aug. 23, 2009)[4]
  3. "PSA" (Jan. 16, 2010)[5]
  4. "The Clit and Gina show" (Dec. 21, 2010)[6]
  5. "Cats, Nips and Kitties" (Oct. 21, 2011)[7]


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