An Oak Jubilee is a royal celebration which marks the 80th Anniversary of a Monarchs reign since their ascension to the throne. This is on the presumption that as has been the case so far with Royal Jubilees, the wedding anniversary name matches that of the Jubilee Celebration. This is due to the fact that a Oak Jubilee has never been celebrated in recorded history.

Examples of Oak Jubilees

An Oak Jubilee could be celebrated in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realms for the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II in 2032 when she is 105 years old or when the present King of Thailand is 100 in 2026.

Examples of other Jubilees

Jubilee Name Years since Coronation Examples of Monarchs who've celebrated this jubilee
Silver Jubilee 25 Years King Rama IX (Bhumibol Adulyadej)of Thailand - 1971
Golden Jubilee 50 Years Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom - 1887
Diamond Jubilee 60 Years Queen Elizabeth II of United Kingdom - 2012
Platinum Jubilee 70 Years There is no monarch in recorded history who has ever ruled for 70 years)


Please remember that wedding anniversaries share their names with jubilees so as a result the sources below are to wedding anniversary sources as there is no present source of jubilee names.

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