Ntomba proverbs: the word ntomba refers to a tripe in Congo-Zaire. The language spoken in this tripe is called "Lontomba". Ntomba people can be be found not only in the congolese states of Equateur and Bandundu, but also in Ruanda. The ntomba group belongs to the ethnic called Mongo. The proverbs are used by ntomba people to send a message to the public. Each proveb can be used during a trial to express an idea. This practice is very useful in their customs.

1. Reason - "Koko apohenge itina" 2. Poverty - "Mombolo mbila mpamba" - "Mpota ewa, makangi mahila" 3. Death - "Bawa baheima" - "Engambi aowa, mbila iowa" (Engambi aowa, mbila yotikitana) 4. Wisdom - "Opolange malembo, tohake o nse e bopambu" - "Ebanga epohenge tue" 5. Determination - "Muele apolele" - "Muele bonango mpimba" 6. Perfection - "Opa na iyengehe nko eiko takobota" 7. Life - "Tolo ngando" - "Liale" - "Toyalanga o mbebu" - "Mbila i matina inda" 8.

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