November Group was also the name of a 1918 German political organization.

November Group is an American new wave, rock, and pop band from Boston, founded in the early 1980s by Kearney Kirby and Ann Prim.


November Group (1982)

Track listing:

  • "Shake it Off"
  • "Flatland"
  • "Pictures of the Homeland"
  • "We Dance"
  • "The Popular Front"

Persistent Memories (1983)

Track listing:

  • "Put Your Back To It"
  • "I Live Alone"
  • "Night Architecture"
  • "Heart of a Champion"

Work That Dream (1985)

Track listing:

  • "Volker"
  • "Work That Dream"
  • "Put Your Back To It"
  • "The Promise"
  • "Arrows up to Heaven"
  • "Careful (a Life is a Fragile Thing)"

NG89 cassette (1989)

(released on cassette only)
Track Listing:

  • "Ahoy Ivan"
  • "Hard Times"
  • "This is not Heaven"

Band members

Kearney Kirby (keyboardist), Ann Prim (guitar and vocals), Don Foote (bass), Ralphael Gasparello (bass) and Al Long (drums).

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