Nova Scotia Cricket League'


Sport Cricket
Area of jurisdiction Cricket in Nova Scotia
Headquarters Halifax
Location Halifax
President Tushar Sehgal
Other key staff Bhan Deonarine
Sponsor AIL SATTI,
Official website

Nova Scotia Cricket Association (N.S.C.A.) is the governing body of Cricket in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada N.S.C.A. operates from Halifax and is dedicated to promoting the sport of Cricket.

It is currently operating from Halifax for the exclusive promotion of Cricket and working towards the advancement of Cricket in the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada. It encourages friendship first and competition second. The NSCA was founded well over four years ago and its current President is Tushar Sehgal.


The NSCA is an administrative organization responsible for the promotion, development and organization of cricket in Nova Scotia. It is a provincial member of Cricket Canada

League Format

The NSCA engages in the promotion of cricket by holding a summer league and a winter league. The Summer League is currently structured into three teams: Red, Gold, and Blue. The Winter League however consists of well close to eight teams. They are as follows: Slashers, Hookers, Gunners, Falcons, Wonders, Tigers, Scorpions, and Shockers. The Winter League spans over a couple months and provides a considerable amount of matches throughout the course of its duration. The Summer League consists of three differentiated styles of play, this includes Twenty20 games, 40 over games and its own traditional Deonarine Cup which is in the format of Twenty20. The league consists of 60+ players and it continues to flourish and amass players from all walks of life.



Halifax Commons

The matches in the summer league are played in the nearby Halifax Commons. The cricket pitch has recently been upgraded to synthetic and is a great surface for both batsmen and bowlers. The Halifax Commons is located in Downtown, Halifax.

Records and Statistics

Last Results/Stats update: June 01, 2012
Halifax Cricket League
All-Time Records

Halifax Cricket League


Batting records

  <b>T20  40 Overs 
Most Runs

476 runs
Harikrishnan Raghuraman 
316 runs
Most Sixes
20 sixes
Harikrishnan Raghuraman
16 sixes
Harikrishnan Raghuraman 
Highest Score
Shreyas Dhond
Harikrishnan Raghuraman 
Best Batting Average

Farhan Khan
Saad Syed 

Halifax Cricket League

  <b>T20 </b> <b>40 Overs</b> 
Most Wickets

29 wickets
 Harikrishnan Raghuraman
18 wickets
Amit Joshi
Best Bowling Figures 

Dinesh Gaddam
Mortuza Shetu
Best Ecomomy-rate

4.29 r.p.o
Anmol Zakhmi 
3.21 r.p.o
Sanjeev Tagra 
 Best Bowling Average

Saad Syed
Amit Joshi 

</p> </div>

For a more comprehensive and detailed version of the statistics and all time records,

Summer Season

The summer seasons begins in early June and spans through a course of 4 months to September. There are currently three teams that participate in the summer season. They consist of a minimum of 18 players each.

Tushar (captain)  Amit (captian) Yash (captain)
 Hari (vice captain) Tyson (vice captain) Shiv (vice captain)
 Bala Arun Shreyas
 Naved Raj Kamal Shailendra
Arslan  Daksh Santosh
 Ashish Raza Matt Lane
Lucky  David Shailesh
 Manoj Steve Gurdeep
 Sanjeev Matt Webb Hydeus
Shashank  Richard Tapan
Tukan  Vivek  Rakesh
Hamza  Usman Ranjeev
 Graeme Mohan Behraam
 Akhil Ankush Vikram
 Vishnu Rehan Bava
Nishanth  Anirudh B. Vignesh
Dean  Siva Dinesh A.
 Gowthaman Ashraf Muneeb
  Matt Gove Dinesh G.
  Matt Lee  

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The Canadian Cricketer


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