Nothing is a television series by Centaurus Series and premiered on March 28 about the life of a family newly arrived to the city.


Carrick family begins a new life in the city after an infidelity of Wayne. Shortly after arriving Michelle Tryton know who takes no interest in this show, thinking even taken his family. The carrick should overcome this problem if they want to remain united.

Main characters

  • Wayne Carrick plays the father. Had an affair that was forgiven by his wife. The desire to save his marriage led him to propose moving to start from scratch. After meeting Michelle begins a friendship between them, although both the focus of a very different way.
  • Nadine Carrick is the mother. Despite Wayne's infidelity, Nadine trust in him and is convinced that will not happen again. Although initially bothered Wayne friendship with Michelle, soon shrug.
  • Tryton Michelle is the other. Works in real estate and Carrick family support to get your new home. After meeting Wayne falls in love with him and begins to harass you in places like the park or your own home, which has a copy of the key. After seeing that Gloria's mother, Nadine, can be an obstacle to reach Wayne, Michelle decides to buy a copy of "How to kill an old woman with a butcher knife" to commit murder. She is divorced and has one daughter.
  • Gloria Fletcher is the mother of Nadine. Family visit often and has not forgiven Wayne infidelity. Nor is wary of Michelle, who cove from the outset. It is usually drunk and swearing uncontrollably against anyone.
  • A. Carrick is the eldest daughter. A rebellious girl who is dedicated to sending threatening messages on his mobile. Apparently maintained a romance with a wealthy looking old.
  • Joe Carrick is the second son of the family. Is a winner in high school and taking every opportunity to flirt. Leaving behind only the prettiest girls. Actually helps his brother escape a horrible girl msn but after seeing her in person and find it was really beautiful, not afraid to impersonate him. Unknowingly is dating the daughter of Michelle.
  • Jennifer Carrick is the third daughter. Fascination for white pants and in his hobbies is shoplifting. Throughout the series has had only one sentence ("We do not care") in the first inning when his younger brother decides to leave the table.
  • Noah Carrick is the youngest son of the family. It is the only one of four children who has not reached adolescence. He's short and has a serious problem of overweight bordering on obese. Suffers all kinds of jokes in school and at home by his family. Unwittingly helps his brother Joe to come out with a girl on MSN with whom he had contacted.

Minor characters

  • Karlyle Anne is the daughter of Michelle. Maintains contact with Noah who is soon to become friends. We ran a fake photo and he blocked on msn. When police his father, got his address and presented at home. He met Joe, who mistook it for Noah. He used the confusion to impersonate his brother and began a relationship with her​​. It seems that Anne does not get along with her mother Michelle.
  • George Karlyle is the father of Anne. Meet Joe in the third inning. Is a single father and lives with her ​​daughter and her mother. He is the former husband of Michelle.
  • Paquita Karlyle grandmother is Anne. Gloria is the counterpoint. A sweet-tempered old woman who does not bother about anything.
  • Mysterious Old Man. Apparently the boyfriend of A.
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