NotePub is a web based, collaborative, multimedia notepad.

Notes can include files and images, and can be linked to other notes within NotePub, or to external websites. Content is organized chronologically and with tags. Read and write permissions can be set for each note and user name.

NotePub has drag-and-drop features allowing to include content from other web sites or upload multiple images and files from the client computer.

In most other examples of note taking software[1], such as EverNote, Springnote, and Google Notebook, search results are limited to a single notebook (in effect, a collection of notes created by a single user). In NotePub, search results emcompass all notes to which the current user has access, including public and private notes. In NotePub there is a single notebook encompassing the whole web site.

NotePub makes use of a simple user interface in the benefit of responsiveness.

Basic service is free of charge.

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