Hazrat Shaikh Khadim-ul-Umma Hazrat Syed Noor Zaman Naqshbandi Shazli (D .B)

Early Life

Hazrat Noor Zaman was born in Karachi, a town in the district of Pahart Ganj in Sindh Pakistan on 20th April1978. His name, "Noor Zaman", means "Light of Days ". He is a Hashmi Syed or a descendant of 'Hazrat Ali R.S. He has brothers; Shahzaman and Abdul Rehman , and Muhammad Ibrahim. When he was born, he was named "Noor Zaman" and is now known world-wide as Hazrat Khadimul ummat Noor Zaman Naqshbandi Shazli D.B When Hazrat Noor Zaman D.B gre older, a majzub saw him he screamed out of awe of his pre-eminent spiritual status .Hazrat Noor Zaman D.B started Zikr at the age of nine when some one told him to do zikr Allah with Salat . He spent many years in striving for Allah’s ma’rifah and blessings.

Struggle For Learning Islam ( Shariat o Tareeqah ) :

He Started learning tareeqat from many books . He then become Mureed of Hazrat Mufti Rasheed Ahmed Ludhiyanvi ( R .A ) . He would walk miles go and listen his sheikh’s preaching. He attended many of the majlis of his sheikh and informed the sheikh about his situation. One day he sent a letter to his sheikh that I do zikar more than you prescribed me , and I don’t know why this happened but it did , he gave ijazah to him to do the zikar as he was doing . He, then, met to a Sufi named Hazrat Qari Zia ullah Shah R A for his brother’s illness that had been caused by some Jinn Possession . When that sufi checked him and his brother he said you have been victimized by some mysterious force . He replied I m a mureed than Qari replied with smile and said though you are a mureed but magic can still effect and has been on Holy Prophet ( peace be upon him ) . He then started more zikar to remove this and then again come to the Qari. When he checked him , he once shocked that his magic has been removed so , he made him his one and only student of this field. Otherwise he would not take anyone as his student.Hazrat Qari Zai ullah Shah R A has ijazah from Silsila Thanviya . Hazrat Noor Zaman Naqshbandi Shazli D.B was taking his education from Qari Sahab R A for these spiritual problems and for islah he was committed with Mufti Ludhyanvi R A till his death. After the death of Hazrat Mufti Rasheed Ahmed Ludhyanvi R . A , he make his islah contact with Hazrat maulana Muhammad Ameen Sahab Damat Barkatuhum Aaliya who is the khalifa of Hazrat Hakeem ul ummat hazrat Shah Hakeem Akhter Sahab R . A . In Those days Hazrat Qari Zia Ullah Shah R . A awarded him ijaza to do treatment of all spiritual diseases. He started doing Spiritual Healing with his Teacher till his teacher’s death . Then he met another sufi Hazrat Syed Ahmed Ali Shah R.A in Karachi who is the khalifa of Hazrat Sufi Muhammad Iqbal Naqshbandi . During some meetings with hazrat Syed Ahmed Ali Shah R.A he awarded him with khalifa Mijaz e Bait in 2009 in Silsila Chishtiya Silsila Qadriya Silsila Naqshbandiya Silsila Soharwardiya Silsila Shazliya .

Preaching Style :

He started to give treatment to people for their spiritual, mental and physical diseases world wide. Many people take advantages from him and still taking from him or in the sense of his disciple. Thousands of people are now doing islah from him . He enjoins people of salat and all the duties mentioned in islam and also do wazaif . Thousand of his disciples are working in many cities of Pakistan and all around the world. By Seeing his such a great effort for islah of the people his shaykh Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ameen D.B ( Karachi ) also awarded him Khalifat . Every year he visits all the major cities of Pakistan to see the people who are willing to meet him. He was also awarded Silsila e Uwaisiya.

He has set some rules and regulations that are necessary to become mureed of Hazrat Shaikh Syed mentioned below
  • i. You must be a Muslim, belonging to Ahlus-Sunnat Wal Jama’at
  • ii. Must offer prayer five times a day, including Thajjud, Chasht, Ishraq and Awwabein Prayers.
  • iii. Your actions and intentions MUST BE according to Qur’an and Sunnah and MUST NOT conflict with Qur’an and Sunnah
  • iv. Must not lie at any cost, must not backbite, must not forward or say anything until authentication.
  • v. Must follow orders and commands from Markaz-e-Ilaj and Sheikh Syed Noor Zaman Naqshbani Shazli (D.B)
  • vi. Must not be under any other Spiritual Healer.
  • vii. Disobedience of rules mentioned above can leave you empty and all your spiritual energies/powers will be taken back.

Shajra :

Silsila E Naqshbandiya

  1. • The mercy for the worlds Rasulullah (Sallahu Aleh Wasallam) [Holy City of Madinah Munawwarah].
  2. • Sayyedina Hadrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (radiallahu anhu) [Holy City of Madinah Munawwarah].
  3. • Hadrat Salman Farsi (radiallahu anhu) [Madain].
  4. • Hadrat Qasim bin Muhammad bin Abi Bakr (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Holy City of Madinah Munawwarah].
  5. • Hadrat Imam Jafar Sadiq (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Holy City of Madinah Munawwarah].
  6. • Hadrat Khuwaja Bayazeed Bustami (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Bastam].
  7. • Hadrat Khuwaja Abul Hasan Kharkani (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Kharkhan].
  8. • Hadrat Khuwaja Abul Qasim Gorgani (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Jarjan].
  9. • Hadrat Khuwaja Abu Ali Farmadi (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Mashad].
  10. • Hadrat Khuwaja Yusuf Hamdani (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Turkistan].
  11. • Hadrat Khuwaja Abdul Khaliq Gajadwani (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Bukhara].
  12. • Hadrat Khuwaja Muhammad Arif Riogri (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Tajikistan].
  13. • Hadrat Khuwaja Mehmood Injir Faghnavi (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Bukhara].
  14. • Hadrat Khuwaja Azizane Ali Raamitni (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Bukhara].
  15. • Hadrat Khuwaja Muhammad Baba Samasi (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Bukhara].
  16. • Hadrat Khuwaja Sayyed Amir Kalal (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Bukhara].
  17. • Hadrat Khuwaja Bahauddin Naqshband Bukhari (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Bukhara].
  18. • Hadrat Khuwaja Ala’uddin Attar (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Hassar].
  19. • Hadrat Khuwaja Yaqoob Charkhi (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Dushanbe].
  20. • Hadrat Khuwaja Ubaidullah Ahrar (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Samarqand].
  21. • Hadrat Khuwaja Maulana Muhammad Zahid (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Hassar].
  22. • Hadrat Khuwaja Darvish Muhammad (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Sher Sabz].
  23. • Hadrat Khuwaja Muhammad Amkangi (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Bukhara].
  24. • Hadrat Khuwaja Muhammad Baqibillah (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Delhi]
  25. • Hadrat Khuwaja Mujaddid Alf-Thani (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Sirhind Sharif].
  26. • Hadrat Khuwaja Muhammad Masoom (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Sirhind Sharif].
  27. • Hadrat Khuwaja Saifuddin (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Sirhind Sharif].
  28. • Hadrat Khuwaja Hafiz Muhammad Muhsin (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Delhi].
  29. • Hadrat Khuwaja Sayed Nur Muhammad Badaiooni (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Delhi].
  30. • Hadrat Mirza Mazhar Janejana (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Delhi].
  31. • Hadrat Shah Ghulam Ali Mujaddidi (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Delhi].
  32. • Hadrat Khuwaja Shah Abu Sa’eed (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Delhi].
  33. • Hadrat Khuwaja Shah Ahmed Sa’eed Dehlvi (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Holy City of Madinah Munawwarah].
  34. • Hadrat Haji Dost Muhammad Kandhari (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Musazai Sharif].
  35. • Hadrat Khuwaja Muhammad Usman Damani (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Musazai Sharif].
  36. • Hadrat Khuwaja Sirajuddin (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Musazai Sharif].
  37. • Hadrat Khuwaja Muhammad Fazal Ali Qureshi (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Miskeenpur Sharif]
  38. • Hazrat G Hazrat A’li Murtaza Naqshbandi (rahmatullahi alaihi)
  39. • Hazrat-e-Wala Syed Ahmed Ali Shah Sahab Naqshbandi Mujaddidi (rahmatullahi alaihi) [Karachi]
  40. • Khadim-ul-Ummat Hazrat Sheikh Syed Noor Zaman Naqshbandi Shazli (Damat Barkatuhum A’liya)

Silsila E Chistiya

  1. • Sayyidina wa Maulana Muhammad Mustafa(Suallallahu ‘alaihi wa ‘ala Alihi wa Sahbihi wa Sallam)
  2. • Sayyidina Madinatil ‘Ilmi Amir al-Mu’mineen ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  3. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Khwaja Hasan al-Basri (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  4. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Abdul Wahid bin Zaid (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  5. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Fudayhl bin ‘Ayad (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  6. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Sultan Ibrahim bin Adham al-Balkhi (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  7. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Huzaifah al-Marashi (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  8. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Abi Hubayrah al-Basri (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  9. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Mamshad ‘Alw ad-Dinwari (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  10. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Abi Ishaq ash-Shami (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  11. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Abi Ahmad al-Abdal al-Chishti (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  12. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Abi Muhammad al-Muhtaram al-Chishti (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  13. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Abi Yusuf al-Chishti (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  14. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Maudood al-Chishti (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  15. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina al-Haj Sayyid Sharif az-Zindani (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  16. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Uthman al-Haruni (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  17. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Qutb al-’Alam Khwaja Mu’inuddin Chishti (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  18. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Qutb uddin Bakhtiyar al-Kaki (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  19. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Farid uddin Shakar Ganj al-Ujudhani (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  20. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina wa Sayyid al-Arifeen ‘Ala uddin Ali Ahmad as-Sabir (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  21. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Shams uddin at-Turki al-Panipati (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  22. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Jalaluddin Kabir al-Awliya al-Panipati (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  23. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Ahmed Abdul Haq Radaulawi (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  24. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Ahmed ‘Arif ar-Radaulawi (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  25. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Muhammad ‘Arif ar-Radaulawi (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  26. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Qutb al Alam Abdul Quddus al-Gangohi) (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  27. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Jalaluddin Thanesari (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  28. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Nizam uddin al-Balkhi (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  29. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Abi Sa ‘id al-Gangohi (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  30. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Muhibbullah Ilahabadi (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  31. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Shah Muhammadi (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  32. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina al-Shaikh Muhammad al-Makki (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  33. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Adh uddin al-Amruhi (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  34. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Abdul Hadi al-Amruhi (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  35. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Abdul Bari al-Amruhi (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  36. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Shah Abdur Rahim al-Shahid (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  37. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Sayyidina Nur Muhammad Jhinjhanawi (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  38. • Shaikh al-Mashaikh Haji Imdadullah Muhajir Makki (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  39. • Hadrat Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi Sahab (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  40. • Shaikh Khalil Ahmed Saharanpuri (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  41. • Sheik-ul-Hadith Maulana Zakariya Sahab (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  42. • Sufi Muhammad Iqbal Sahab (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  43. • Syed Ahmed Ali Sahah Sahab (Rehmatullah Aleh)
  44. • Hazrat Sheikh Syed Noor Zaman Naqshbandi Shazli (Damat Barkatuhum A’liya)

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