The "Nolan Point" in the National Hockey League refers to a specific hand gesture made by NHL player Owen Nolan during the 1997 NHL All Star Game. In the NHL and in most sports both Nationally and Internationally, such a gesture is colloquially referred to as a "called shot". Similar to that of Babe Ruth's called shot in the MLB (Authenticity Contested) and of other athletes from various sports. Called shots are not to be confused with "predictions" as both are inherently different in nature. By their nature, called shots are unforeseen, unscripted and typically take place during gameplay while predictions are claimed prior to engagement. The significance and high regard of "Nolan's Point" is based upon multiple considerations: (1) The fact that it took place during an All Star Game where the on ice talent is the greatest in the NHL. (2) The point was directed towards legendary goaltender Dominik Hasek. Hasek is widely considered to be the greatest goaltender in NHL history along with Terry Sawchuk, Martin Brodeur and Patrick Roy. Scoring on Hasek in any type of game or situation was highly difficult. A "point and score" on Hasek was, prior to the occurrence, considered risky or a long shot. (3) Earlier in that same game, Nolan set an NHL All Star Game record by scoring two goals 8 seconds apart. (4) The Point Gesture goal was a goal that completed a hat trick for Nolan. (5) The spectacular set of events that occurred for Nolan took place at the San Jose Arena in which the Sharks play. Nolan was at that time, a member of the Sharks playing in front of his home crowd. (6) The nature and dynamics of Hockey Game Play makes a called shot in the NHL far more difficult than other sports as the shooter must contend with a manned post intending to stop the shooter. (7) It is generally considered to be the only called shot in NHL history with no records or claims before or after the occurrence.

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