Noetic positivism is a synthetic concept to define a new, explanatory social science.


Noetic - (a Greek term that has come down to us from the times of Plato and Aristotle) – put as simply as possible – derives from the twin concepts of Noema (the thinkable - what is directly or specifically thought (or the object to which the thought is directed) and Noesis (the cognitive process attaching to something specific that is directly thought).

Positivism – striving for the maximum scientific gain from research and knowledge with a view to the practical benefit of applying it. The inductive - a commensurately non-contradictory research method, and is an unconditional scientifically justified interdisciplinarity.

Subject matter

The subject matter of Noetic positivism - is included and is, first and foremost, - consciousness.


One of the main theses proposed by the founder of this development in learning takes the following form – Humankind has accumulated sufficient knowledge to make science really practical and useful: useful in so far that it may be useful to be able to diagnose the emergence of disease within an organism before it is manifested externally.


Noetic positivism believes that humankind has accumulated sufficient knowledge to make science really useful. To this day, however, instead of looking at intentions, we[who?] still only ever try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to diagnose actions in terms of their effects, which are merely the net result of the phenomena involved. In other words, noetic positivism sees its aim as creating methodologies to help define the possible modalities of a phenomenon at the level of intention.


Ideas and concepts developed by Noetic positivism:

Formula for Passion

Formula for Passion

'G-Mentality' (General Mentality-Mindset),

'S-Mentality' (Sub Mentality-Mindset),

'Ethno-Mentality' 'Ethno-Mindset',


'Formula for passion', etc..

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