No Dada No KKR (or NDNKKR) is a protest group formed after Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), a Kolkata based franchise in the Indian Premier League (IPL), did not bid for ex-India captain Sourav Ganguly (Dada) during the IPL auctions. Ganguly was the fourth highest run scorer in the previous edition of IPL. He was rejected by KKR as well as all other franchises in the auction, leading to a Facebook protest from his fans. This was followed by a silent protest rally, signature campaigns throughout the country and abroad, a leaflet campaign, and stadium protests. NDNKKR and the campaigns both received national and international press attention. KKR's opening match had drastically lower attendance, and attendance during the rest of the season was also below full capacity.


The No Dada No KKR protest group formed after Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), a Kolkata based franchise in the Indian Premier League (IPL), did not bid for ex-India captain Sourav Ganguly (Dada) during the IPL auctions.[1] In the previous IPL, Ganguly had been the fourth highest run scorer.[2] The player won strong support from fans and a community was set up on the social networking site Facebook to support Ganguly.[3]

Protest March

Following Ganguly's rejection, fans created a protest group on Facebook.[3] The group organized a silent protest rally in Kolkata on 16 January 2011, from Victoria Memorial to Eden Gardens, as a show of solidarity with Ganguly and to protest against KKR.[4] Prior to the rally, the group had 2500 members and was to be joined by another group from Orkut named No Ganguly…No Eden.[5] The movement was coveraged by local and national media with journalists including Gautam Bhattacharya supporting the movement.[6]

Signature campaign

On 17 January, NDNKKR launched a campaign with the aim of sending signatures from across the country to BCCI, demanding inclusion of Ganguly in IPL. Members from all over the country joined in. A sample form was created and circulated among all. The signatures were accumulated, printed and sent to BCCI headquarters on February 2. BCCI called a General Council meeting on 4 February to discuss the re-inclusion of Sourav Ganguly in IPL 4,[7] Teams like Kochi Tuskers expressed interest in taking Ganguly in the team. BCCI announced that such a move would require an NOC from all teams.[7] Initial reports suggested that KKR was unwilling to give the desired NOC. Ultimately the meeting ended with three IPL teams opposing Ganguly's inclusion on technical grounds.[8]

Leaflet campaign

Just prior to launch of IPL, NDNKKR launched its leaflet campaign. 100,000 leaflets were printed and distributed across the city and its suburbs, along with the morning newspapers, asking people to boycott KKR.[9] The campaign was covered by local vernacular dailies like Aajkal. Without Ganguly, KKR got a poor response with Eden recording a poor turnout.[10] This was followed up with an SMS campaign.[11] Six lakh sms’s were sent out to mobiles in Kolkata asking people to boycott KKR and IPL without Dada. Pretty soon it got reported in leading Bengali daily Bartaman, who also mentioned the efforts made by KKR and its owner Sharukh Khan to counter NDNKKR with their own SMS campaigns.

Consequences of the campaigns

On the very first match that KKR played in its home ground, Eden Gardens, the stadium was more than half empty. Estimates pegged the footfall at 20,000 in a ground with a capacity of close to 70,000. This led to KKR management drastically reducing ticket prices for all following matches.[10] KKR put up banners and advertisements all over Kolkata requesting people to come to Eden and cheer for the home team.[citation needed]

Stadium protests

With IPL reaching almost mid-season and no signs of Dada’s imminent comeback, NDNKKR took up the "enter Eden campaign". A group of 30 members entered Eden Gardens with No Dada No KKR banners and posters. Within a couple of days of the Enter Eden campaign, Dada was back in IPL, playing for Pune Warrios India, as a substitute for injured Ashish Nehra.[12]

On 19 May 2011, Dada played against his erstwhile team KKR at D. Y. Patil stadium in Mumbai. NDNKKR arranged for a joint Mumbai-Pune campaign, wherein about 50 members from Mumbai and Pune reached D. Y. Patil stadium with the NDNKKR banner. A bus was arranged from Pune, to take the members, while those from Mumbai came in cars.[citation needed]

Future plans

On Dada’s birthday, 8 July 2011, NDNKKR undertook a programme to share the joy with small kids at an orphanage in Chennai.[13] It was a step forward to getting involved with social causes. It was carried out in an orphanage ‘Udavum Ullangal’ situated 40 km from Chennai. Apart from the customary cake cutting,the kids celebrated with sweets and snacks. Educational kits and books were also distributed among all the kids. NDNKKR aims to get involved in more such social causes in the future. The journey of NDNKKR over an year has been documented in a book No Dada No KKR- The Return of Hope, compiled by Dr. Sayak Bhattacharya which was released on 10 January 2012 on the occasion of completion of a year of the group. It has captured all the details of the campaigns with a special focus on the highs and lows of the movement, along with reactions and wishes from hundreds of Sourav Ganguly fans.

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