no bye is the latest hip meme. it revolves around the awkward, slightly shy and Mexican hari. so yeah fuck a horse

ok so as i was saying hari is a awkward mexican teenager and is also very peaceful and harmless he is known to say things like" no wtf no" and "no...bye" and " ya suure". oh oh and his identity is hidden behind the name hari sources say his orignal name is perdro sanchess or smthing but his real name is not hari he's like a mexican super hero which is cool but meh i dont really giv a shit! the elusive mexican is accompanied by a gang of other teenagers who are indain, blackie, and frenchie( not intended to be resist they actually call themselves that seriously)



ima give a description of indian, blackie and frenchie

indian: a short pimpley indian guy who listens to really shit music and stuff oh is really short and has brown/black hair and is really short and he has pimples and is mostly seen with his friend blackie making fun of themselfs an others but he is to much of a wuss to like ya and hes short

blackie: not much is known of him only that he is really bad in math and dose not feel cold when we put our hans in freezing water and that fucking pissis me of really wtf no no why???? wtf

freenchie: i dont really giv a shit so im not gunna write about him

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