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NIVOBA is the worlds oldest still existing producer of equipment and complete installations for the production of starch . From Veendam in the Netherlands the company supplies to the world-wide potato, caasava, wheat and corn starch industry.


Theodorus Hendrikus Holthuis buys a blacksmith's shop in Veendam, the Netherlands and converts it into a machine shop.
At the onset of the industrialisation in the Netherlands the first steam engine complete with boiler is sold to a biscuit bakery. Further engines are supplied to the Northern-Dutch sawmills, brickworks and the emerging potato starch industry.
Sale of the first steam driver dredger, used for dredging the canals in the Northern Netherlands and Germany. The company further starts to build steam driver traction engines, steam winches and stearing engines for the navigation.
The increased involvement and specialization in the rapidly expanding regional potato starch industry leads to the sale of virtually all equipment to the Dutch potato starch plant "Oostermoer", today one of the remaining two Dutch Avebe facilities.
Acquisition of a forgery in the South of the Netherlands which will be lead by two of the four sons of the founder, while the two other sons take over in Veendam.
The forgery is separated and continues as an independent company, later to be known as GEHO Pumps Weir Minerals.
The last dredger is floated and the company specializes solely on the design and production of equipment for the potato starch industry. The company's market expands to Germany, Scandinavia and France.
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