Nitro Microphone Underground was a Japanese hip hop group. The group appeared on the club scene in the late 1990s with members Dabo, Macka-chin, Deli, Suiken, Gore-Tex, S-Word, XBS, and Bigzam. Although Gore-Tex appears on many songs on the Nitro Microphone album, he is credited under different names, including the More-Sex alias. The name of the band is said to have been suggested by Macka-chin.


They have done collaborations with Shakkazombie and about half of DJ Muro's work. Most of them have done some solo work, especially Suiken and Dabo. They released their self-titled first album as an indie release in 1999, soon selling out of the 20,000 copies. They were picked up by Def Jam Japan and the album was re-released in 2000 making it to number 12 on the Japanese charts.



  • Nitro Microphone Underground (1999)
  • Straight from the Underground (2004)
  • Special Force (2007)
  • The Laboratory (2011)


  • Nitro Works (1999)
  • Uprising (2000)
  • Back Again (2008)


  • "Requiem"
  • "Otogheebanasee" / "Bambu"
  • "Mischief" / "Akugi"
  • "Hardcore" / "Kiwamono"
  • "Nitrich" / "Spark Da L"
  • "Uprising" / "Watack"
  • "Straight from the Underground" / "Daidassou"


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