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Ninos piano

Ninos S Gerasimos born in of on 1974. He received his first music lessons at his village's marching band. He learning the percussion, the French horn and the violin. On 1988 and the next years, he heard by the conductor, joins the orchestra as a performer Corfu Municipality violin. After significant contact with the orchestra, started studing the music theory (harmony, conducting and instrumentation of concert band) at the conservatory of, and he took his degrees with honors. As a violinist,he played even with the orchestras of conservatory Corfu, Ioannina Tsakalof, and His music teachers were, Helen Mastora, D. Dapergolas, G. Bradis, A. Kogevinas and N. Kritikos. As a composer,he has presented several project consisting of marches, transcriptions, symphonic works, concertos and jazz compositions, that many of them, are freely to the WEBSITE:,_Op.109_(Ninos
Ninos piano
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