Nina is a famous kitty in the web.


Nina is a little cat in the age of one year old who loves play and discover the world around like all the little cats. But she has a very specially comportement : she loves water and play with it, she loves chocolate, she is scared of the umbrella...

Nina in her fiction

Nina has a fiction called Nina Adventures. She has many friends specially Camille, her best friend(sometimes called Camy). And Nouchka,Cannelle, Neko the japanese cat and Glace ( the names are in French the original language of the fiction). She has a "mom" (like she said) who called Jewel, she's a girl in the age of 11.Nina has many reflexions about the world around, and speak with her friends when Jewel is not at home.

Her friends

Camille (Camy, Camelia in English): Camille (sometimes called Camy) is Nina's best friend and neighbour. She is a little cat in the age of 1 like Nina.

Nouchka : Nouchka (or Anouchka sometimes) is Nina friend. She's the cat of Angela, the cousin of Jewel.

Canelle : Cannelle ( or Chanel in English) is the cat of Jewel neighbour. She's the friend of Nina.

Neko : Neko is the cat of Sakura the neighbour of Jewel. He loves Rap music and always wears a hat.

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